Grand Union Hotel Pub

It is known for its daily drink specials on top of already cheap prices, off-putting scents and their regular patrons.


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74 West Hastings St
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1G6



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Hotel Pub



Price Range:

$ (On a budget)

Yelp Reviews:

04/07/16 by J M.
Rating: *****
FOR DIVE BAR LOVERS ONLY! Music: Live every night. Beer: Super cheap. Smells: Like piss. Staff: Decent (they put up with a lot of shit). Customers: Loud &...
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10/07/09 by Matthew R.
Rating: *****
Have you ever wanted to know what an actual dive is? Where the natives all dress like cowboys and the cowboys like natives? Where the bar band goes up on a...
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05/04/18 by C M.
Rating: ****
Went drinking with some friends and had a pretty good time. Tried to rent a room upstairs and was told "it's not that kind of hotel anymore. It's a SRO, low...
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